Raquel and girls

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well its getting closer, less than 2 weeks now, wich means ANYTIME now.I'm excited, and i will let everyone know when im in the hospital. Here is a pic of me , since i am wearing black its hard to tell how big my belly is but i have gained 25-30 lbs so far.
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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thnksgiving everyone!

Isnt the web nice? Even though we are so far we can still 'share' the holidays.
Went to Dennis' parents house to prepare everything, and deep fry our bird (14lbs =50 min) then off to his grandparents where we all ate and football after. Then home for the famous turkey NAP. Val had a blast, i was overstuffed, and Dennis is still eating!
And here it is OUR BIRD- hope everyone had a good thanksgiving, ours was great.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gobble Gobble

I hope my Family all has a great thanksgiving! Everyone is so far apart these days, and starting our own families. I will be joining Deninis' parents and grandparents at their house , and Dennis is gonna deep fry me a turkey! Yum. I will take plenty of pics of Val. We have alot to be thankful of this year (we have every year). And i hope everyone thinks of eachother even though we cant spend it together. Filling up on great food and passing out - cant beat that!

Monday, November 20, 2006

My Soccer Coach

I think i was the only girl on the team who didnt have a crush on coach. Actually the thought of him being 'soooo cute' made me mad (and kinda grossed out!) But he was a really cool guy, and i did see why they all looked up to him. I've had a few coaches before and many more after, but i have to admit he was prob the best coach I've had. Only ten years older, i thought my brother Miguel was the coolest adult ever. And ya know, he wasnt only my soccer coach. Miguel taught me so much while he lived at home aswell as when he went to school. Teaching me about music, books, everything he did i wanted to copy. Even when he went away to college, he sent me letters regularly and always had an invitation for me to come visit- and it was always ablast (even when his house burned down). Now he's getting married, and looking at that old soccer team picture reminds me that he's still a pretty cool adult. Just cuz we dont visit all the time, or write the letters constantly- he has and i think always will be my coach, even if he doesnt know it. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR WEDDING BIG BROTHER.

Friday, November 10, 2006

You looked hispanic...

Holy cow. Some people still amaze me, really the nerve they have to say things with out even realizing how rude they are. So this morning im cleaning and i hear a knock at the door. I answer it and there is a a women with a bible in her hands. FIRST thing out of her mouth " oh my, you looked hispanic for a minute- i was worried you wouldnt speak any English" Then she giggled, in relief that i did. But the only english she heard from me was asking her to leave my porch. What a nice starter to my day.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

To see, or not to see...

Abuelita is losing more and more of her sight. What a sad thing to have to lose. But I know she has also GAINED over these last few years aswell. Some one could have their sight all their life and never have all the people around in their life that my abuelita does. May never have a large close family, new grand/greatgrand children to love each year. I know it must be hard to lose something you have had your whole life, but maybe she is only losing it beacuse she doesnt need it to see everything she has anymore its more than a pretty picture , it is a feeling-a feeling some people will never have blind or not. I love my grandmother, she is very far away and i cant see her from where i'm at that doesnt take away from my love, and i know it wont take away from hers. I will admit i would HATE to lose my site, but i would rather FEEL a kiss or a hug, hear a giggle or laugh, and have love everywhere i am. Give Abuelite my love.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A day at the office

Valerie went out to work with daddy. She got to play with the rats that she loves! She moves them from bin to bin is not afraid to grab/touch/or pick em up. The she visits the snakes, she likes to hiss at them. Grandma and grandpa truckner bring the dogs out and she gets to play with them too, she asks EVERY day if she can go to workl with daddy, I've been taking her out at LEAST once a week. I willl take better pics next time.