Raquel and girls

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Early present!

Dennis brought me home and early Christmas present. I couldnt beleive it.

Fully loaded 2007 pontiac G6 v6. Gold-blue crystal metallic.

I will edit this post tommarrow with a pic! woooohoooooo!

The day has come!

Lights are up and Dennis made the house look great! Valerie and I sat out and helped(watched really) and hot coacoa to top it off. Then friday(the 8th) night we had a good night. We got our tree, and we all had a fun night at home- Although i had been having ten minute aprt contrctions for the last 26 hours! But regaurdless we got the tree all lit up and its a beauty! Getting ready for bed and then it happens - time to call my dad at 2 in th morning to come get valerie! She was leaving with them the next florida but i coulndt wait , it was time for the baby.
Come 6:20 am my 7lbs 8oz Little Ayanna was born. Beautiful, healthy, and prefect. Luckily i had her before grandma/pa (Centellas) hadnt left with Val yet to go to florida- so they got to stop in and see us before they left.

After only one day in the hospital i came home and continued on. Not too tire and ready tyhe next day to do all the house work no prob. I even took her out with Grandma (Sharron) to pick up a few things. Valerie came home last night and got to REALLY meet her sis, iyt was great. Daddy and I made sure to make time for her so there is no jealousy. She loves being a sis , and insist ithat Ayanna is HER baby.

Here are a few pics i have to go tend to my girls...