Raquel and girls

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Daddy's girl

Happy birthday to my dad. I cant send you a tie this year! But valerie and i will make a cake in june.
I never realized what people meant by daddies girl, but now that i look back at everything I definatley was. My dad has done so many great things for me, and i never even knew it! talk about teenage rebellion, my dad must have trudged through it all. He worked how to get our family where we are now, and i hope he thinks oabout that and can SMILE. All my brothers have been succerfull, and dtermined and i hope my dad knows they have him to thank for that- so do i. Not having always been so close to my parents has been hard, exspecially hard to realize, and know that we are finally growing we live so far apart. I hope that even though we are so far, my respect and love is still continuing to grow.

thanks Dad, and have a happy birthday.