Raquel and girls

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat!

We had a GREAT Holloween. At 5:30 we went to visit grandma and grandpa Truckner
, got some goodies there (candies/stickers/books). Then at about 6:00 off to find a good nieghborhood. We went to Thomas Farms, a nice area off river. We made it through the whole left side and on our way back Val started to get cold and the heels were hard for her so Dennis had to carry her back. She Loved yelling trick or treat and remebered to say thank you to everyone (sometimes with a reminder). Then we came home and sorted through all the candy, and Daddy had thrown in a few hollloween toys. Fill up, got sugar rushes and now ready for bed. Al in all a GREAT night. Here are some pictures.

Monday, October 30, 2006

How far along am I ?

Here are some numbers for ya.

TODAY is day number 235
I am 34 weeks pregnant
I have 45 days or 6 weeks left
85.0% of the way there.
Due date: Dec 14th

Doc says baby is about 5 lbs now, i should double by my due date- YIKES.
I am sooooo nervous/excited!!!!

I've been in physical therepy , trying to strengthen myself up for LABOR. It seems to be helping with how weak my legs have been feeling. Well thats all for today. Tommarrow is Halloween and i will Valerie all dressed up and pictures to show all. Trick or Treating should be a blast, just hope its not too cold!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Gospel Cafe

Well yesterday i went to a gathering at church called 'The gospel Cafe'. I have been going on fridays at 7:00- 8:30. I really enjoy it, there are about 10-15 of us that attend, ALL older but i have a great time. We have a new topic everytime that we all sit around and discuss over food/drinks, then we have a big group disscusion over it that the pastor leads. I've had a good time everytime I've gone, anyone whos in the saginaw area on fridays should join me if ya get a chance!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mr. Ed Brown

There is a man at my church who i sat with on sundays. He was real sick, gone through alot over the years with cancer, treatments, and being ill alot of the time. This man was a true christian, in fact by watching him, he brought me back to church. He just passed and yesterday i attended his funeral. Not but a few sundays ago i got to give him a letter telling him how greatful i was to see him and sit next to him in church on sundays. I also let him know that his was one of the main reasons i still attened church. I was always complaining of being too tired to go, or not feeling so well, but he was there no matter what- why wasnt I? I know my parents knew Ed and im not sure who else who may read this does, but so you know he had a great service in his honor.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Start of a new blog.

With all the family so far away Its hard to keep track of everyone.Let me freshen you up on whats going on with myself. Dennis and I have a house in saginaw and are getting ready for some big changes. We are having another girl on dec 14. we have picked out the name Ayanna, but we may spell it different.
Valerie is getting so big too. She starts school once she turns three, jan 3rd. She is so dramic and tries to get away with EVERYTHING! I will have more pictures soon! Heres a few to get ya started.