Raquel and girls

Saturday, January 27, 2007

hey mama!

I want to wish my mother a happy birthday. I never realized how important mothers REALLY were until a couple years ago. Always your typical teenager (well the typical REBELIOUS ones) "i'll never be like my mother" or the "She doesnt know anything". Well it turns out, i am just like my mother, and she did know quite a bit. I was always the one to roll ,my eyes when i heard the famous " you'll understand when your older" - yeah like 'they' would ever be right! Well 'they' were. And mom im sorry i didnt understand sooner. Now that i'm a mother i can only imagine all the emotions i put my own mother through, i have only gone through the first few with my own and it seems like so much. But i have learned a great deal and i appreciate everything that much more. I was quite the handful (understatement of the year) but belive it or not I look back and see a great mother. Have i told you that lately? Well happy birthday Mom.