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Saturday, May 26, 2007

That Goat grows tickets out of his ears!

We we had a great weekend, lost of fun stuff going on.
We went to a wilderness/petting zoo It was a blast. First was the petting zoo, valerie didnt want to touch anything but the bunnies, she was scared of the alpaca. He was so soft but we could get her to touch him, or go in his pen. So went to look at all the other animals. Monkeys, parrots, alligators, bears ect. There was a butterfly house- but most of the butterflies were broken(dead). There was a big turtle and valerie liked to watch alot, and she had to tell everyone "you dont wanna touch him" (so he couldnt bite anyone). We got to feed the beras (through atuube of coures, and it was really cool.Once we hit the lion cage valerie wanted to go in and feed him- thats when we knew we coud try the petting zoo again. Sh got to feed all the goats and sheep and pet alot of animals. It was really fun. we spent about 4 hours walking around looking at the animals. Then we had to find a place to eat. Cracker Barrel. It was SO good, and i lioved it. I remember going there with my family, it was so cool to go again. Its still awesome food with alot of cool stuff to look at.


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