Raquel and girls

Sunday, February 27, 2011


It has been a while, but i am BACK! up and running and starting over. The family has grown alot since my last post, and spread around quite a bit too! I have a cute lil duplex now with me and the girls, Ayanna is 4 and Valerie is now 7 being a first grader and doing first grade things. I am going to school for me bachelors in biology/nursing science and in the mean while working on my RN. The girls are growing fast and its time i start blogging about it FAITHFULLY. so maybe this will help me keep in touch better with the outside world - theses days working and school and two girls by myself keeps me busy on the run and the second i even sit down im sleeping. But here goes nothing, i hope to update once aweek! hope, maybe you guys can push me more. i have some pics, i will REfigure out how to post on here soon enough!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Long time, No post

well. i am almost done with school, one more month and i start externship and then Nov i am a grad. This month has been a busyu one. VBS for Val for a week was nice. Sharron (Dennis' mom) had some heart problems and got a pacemaker put in. Pretty exciting since this last month i was studying the heart. So now Both Coates grandparents have on and grandma Truckner (Sharron)- plus Uncle Ed had some hEart work done. Ayanna has three teeth now, its been rough having them break through. i am going to try and post more soon, i just get so tired and i dont like to look at the computer screen at the end of the day. here are some pics...

These are Valeries wheels, and she wanted me to take pics of her falling off the bike in sequence... she has some great ideas , ha.

and here some of Ayanna...

and some random ones...

Monday, June 18, 2007

happy fathers day!

For some reason my first blog didnt post. But Happy Fathers days dad. I hope you guys are having fun. Valerie hade a sign for you for me to post but my blog isnt workin so great. Anyways... You're a great dad and a great grandpa too, really. I would have sent you a tie but your a lil far for that. Anyways happy fathers day!

Monday, May 28, 2007

photo opp.

Nice day cooking out building sand castles and taking pics. We tried to catch some frogs, but i was only quick enough for the tadpoles, anyways heres some pics, valerie wanted to be my model for the day.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

That Goat grows tickets out of his ears!

We we had a great weekend, lost of fun stuff going on.
We went to a wilderness/petting zoo It was a blast. First was the petting zoo, valerie didnt want to touch anything but the bunnies, she was scared of the alpaca. He was so soft but we could get her to touch him, or go in his pen. So went to look at all the other animals. Monkeys, parrots, alligators, bears ect. There was a butterfly house- but most of the butterflies were broken(dead). There was a big turtle and valerie liked to watch alot, and she had to tell everyone "you dont wanna touch him" (so he couldnt bite anyone). We got to feed the beras (through atuube of coures, and it was really cool.Once we hit the lion cage valerie wanted to go in and feed him- thats when we knew we coud try the petting zoo again. Sh got to feed all the goats and sheep and pet alot of animals. It was really fun. we spent about 4 hours walking around looking at the animals. Then we had to find a place to eat. Cracker Barrel. It was SO good, and i lioved it. I remember going there with my family, it was so cool to go again. Its still awesome food with alot of cool stuff to look at.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers day!

Hey all you women Happy mothersday! With out mothers the world would be lost.
So thanks mom, happy mothers day. see ya sooon.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Daddy's girl

Happy birthday to my dad. I cant send you a tie this year! But valerie and i will make a cake in june.
I never realized what people meant by daddies girl, but now that i look back at everything I definatley was. My dad has done so many great things for me, and i never even knew it! talk about teenage rebellion, my dad must have trudged through it all. He worked how to get our family where we are now, and i hope he thinks oabout that and can SMILE. All my brothers have been succerfull, and dtermined and i hope my dad knows they have him to thank for that- so do i. Not having always been so close to my parents has been hard, exspecially hard to realize, and know that we are finally growing we live so far apart. I hope that even though we are so far, my respect and love is still continuing to grow.

thanks Dad, and have a happy birthday.